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African-American Community Outreach Specialist
African-American Community Outreach Specialist
Supervised by: Executive Director
Full-time Equivalency: Full time
Salary Range: $36,000-$40,000 annually plus benefits

The African-American Community Outreach Specialist (AACOS) works within Dane County's African American (AA) communities to increase community members' access to the Rape Crisis Center's sexual assault victim/survivor services. The position will help grow RCC's culturally-rich response to need, beginning with as assessment that will determine the full breadth of sexual assault victim services currently accessed by sexual assault victims in AA communities and through working with community members and leaders to identify and analyze the scope of needs. The AACOS will work to strengthen relationships between the RCC and AA communities; build relationships and collaborations in the community; build and sustain collaboration with culturally-specific sexual assault victim service providers; and help facilitate access for victims/survivors needing RCC or other counseling and support services. The position reports to the Executive Director and will receive limited culturally-specific supervision by an outside consultant well-versed in the sexual assault issues of the community.

  • Coordinate the recruitment of and staff a 5-8 member African American Action Committee.
  • Identify AA community gatherings and events and provide culturally-specific outreach through these events.
  • Meet with broad range of AA community leaders, groups and congregations, to learn about services victims/survivors of sexual assault currently access, learn how RCC can improve services, build relationships and collaborations and represent RCC's current services to improve access.
  • Work with Director of Client Programming to develop and incorporate cultural competency into client resources and forms.
  • Gather and compile results of community leaders meetings, results of opinion and knowledge surveys and other information gathered in course of job into report that will be delivered to the Board of Directors and RCC staff. The report will include assets, deficits and suggested areas of improvement.
  • Develop an implementation plan based on the findings that RCC can begin to follow for agency-wide transformative efforts through short, mid and long-term strategies.
  • Participate in and help inform the development of trauma-informed, culturally rich outreach materials delivered through written, video, website, social media and other relevant formats to improve AA community access to RCC services.
  • Provide direct service outreach presentations to youth and adults in middle schools, high schools, colleges and community agencies and groups largely comprised of African American community members.
  • Gather information from audiences and participants of outreach presentations, bring back to RCC team members and use the information to modify and enhance outreach efforts and direct services.
  • Help recruit AA women and men to volunteer for RCC.
  • Complete staff/volunteer training.
  • Actively engage as a member of the RCC Team by providing technical and emotional support to other members of the team.
  • Other duties as assigned.

  • Demonstrated personal commitment and effective professional experience with African American communities in Dane County.
  • Knowledge about gender violence and knowledge about and/or commitment to learn about trauma-informed care, sexual assault, rape, molestation, sexual violence and incest as well as gender identity competency.
  • Commitment to philosophy of sexual assault prevention as the responsibility of perpetrators, not victims, and knowledge of the difference between outreach, prevention and risk-reduction strategies.
  • Excellent public speaking skills.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to organize and maintain materials, data, reports, meeting minutes and logistics.
  • Comfort and competence in working independently and as part of a team.
  • Access to reliable private transportation with current vehicle registration, driver's license and insurance and have the ability to travel throughout Dane County for meetings and events.
  • Must have flexible work hours.

To apply, e-mail a cover letter addressing your interest and qualifications for the position and your resume to Erin Thornley, Executive Director, at Please indicate "African American-Community Outreach Specialist Position" on subject line of email. Applications should be submitted by 1/30/2017 for priority consideration. Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

EEOC employer with Affirmative Action plan.