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RCC's Community Education Program brings knowledge and resources about sexual violence to the Dane County community, from teenagers to social work students to police officers.

Educational presentation or training. Topic and length are customizable; fees may apply (see rates, below). Common topics include:
  • Sexual Assault 101 (40-70 minutes). What is sexual assault? Who are perpetrators? Who are victims? Why is this such a problem... and what can we do about it? Designed for high school and college audiences; adaptable for all.
  • Healthy Relationships (35-55 minutes). Defines healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behaviors in a relationship; explains what consent is (and what it is not) and why it's important. Designed for middle school audiences; adaptable for high school.
  • Bystander Intervention (20-45 minutes). Explores psychological barriers to stepping in; aims to give the audience the tools to intervene in a situation that they are concerned about. Designed for high school and college audiences; adaptable for all.
  • Prevention Course (min. 3 sessions). Incorporates elements of all of the above, plus any custom learning goals desired by the teacher. Tailored for each individual audience, any age.
  • Professional training (min. 90 minutes). Custom learning goals for each audience may include tools for responding to disclosures of sexual violence and supporting or working with victims; how to negotiate mandated reporting; information on the impact of trauma from sexual violence; and more. Tailored to any audience that will have to deal with the effects of sexual violence as part of their work (e.g. law enforcement, social work/medical students, RAs, teachers/professors).
Representative on a panel of speakers. RCC staff are a valuable addition to panels at conferences, speaking engagements, and movie screenings - any time sexual assault is a prominent topic, an RCC staff presence can contribute an advanced, educated understanding to the discussion.

Advocate/emotional support person at an event. If your event deals directly with sexual assault and there is concern that survivors in the audience might be triggered, you may request an advocate to be present for crisis support. Please note: This will require (1) promotion or public posting of our helpline number at your event and (2) a private space where an individual can receive support. If you aren't sure whether your event might benefit from the presence of an advocate, please call 608-251-5126 to discuss with a staff member.

RCC informational table. If you would like to offer RCC as a resource at your event, you may request a friendly RCC representative to distribute information about our services and answer questions about our agency. If you would like informational literature only (and not a representative), please call 608-251-5126 to make your request.

Chimera™ Self-Defense class. These classes are designed for women and teach effective responses to defend yourself from unwanted contact ranging from physical violence to inappropriate comments about your appearance. Private workshops can be of any length and usually require that you provide your own space. Please note that Chimera fees apply (see rates, below).

Safer Bar Bystander Intervention training. Based on our Chimera Self-Defense program, this training prepares the employees of an alcohol-serving establishment to recognize sexual assaults and harassment in progress, and teaches effective tools for stepping in. Please note that Safer Bar fees apply (see rates, below) and that 80% of waitstaff, bartenders, security, and hosts must participate in order to earn a formal Safer Bar certification.

Community Education Rates $75/hour ($75 minimum)
$60/hour ($60 minimum) for nonprofits & government agencies
No charge for public middle or high schools.
Chimera Self-Defense Rates $150/hour ($150 minimum)
$100/hour ($100 minimum) for nonprofits & government agencies
$25 for 30-minute Q&A demonstration
Safer Bar Rates Check back soon for updated rates! In the meantime,
feel free to fill out the form and begin the scheduling process.
*Please note that additional fees may apply outside Dane County.
**We are committed to providing education wherever possible. If your organization does not have the funding for the rates specified above, please fill out our request form anyway. We will get back to you to discuss options.

Our Work with Schools
Educating young people and helping them learn to facilitate constructive discussions about social justice issues is critically important to creating a culture that does not tolerate sexual violence. Multiple-session presentations and ongoing discussion have been proven to be the most effective at true prevention of sexual assault. (As some have put it, prevention is teaching people not to rape rather than teaching people not to "get raped.")

In addition to helping facilitate gender equity clubs and other social justice activism in area high schools, RCC has created a 16-member youth advisory board, GameChangers, open to any Dane County high school student. For more information or to apply, click here.

Our Work with Professionals
Comprehensive trainings and workshops help professionals enact best practices when dealing with survivors and victims of sexual violence. We have trained professionals ranging from medical school students to police officers. RCC works to support the internal capacity of agencies to incorporate awareness of this issue into their day-to-day operations.

Our Work with the Community
A community free of sexual assault must start with community education. Through presentations, workshops, tablings, and other community presences, RCC is committed to shifting our culture to one that believes victims, doesn't laugh at rape jokes, and holds perpetrators responsible for their actions.

RCC proudly coordinates the Dane County community's observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) each April. SAAM provides the opportunity to educate the community about sexual violence and encourages involvement. If you are interested in helping organize next year's SAAM, please call RCC at 608-251-5126.