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Set up a Private Chimera Class for Your Group or Business
A private Chimera® Self-Defense class is a wonderful opportunity for confidence-boosting and team-building. All women and girls (ages 12+) have important skills to gain from these classes, and it can make difficult discussions around harassment, rape culture, and sexual assault accessible to workplaces, Girl Scout troops and sports teams, and mother-daughter pairs.

Chimera® is specifically designed for the needs of women, but a private session can have special focuses or customizations. We will ensure that the class you get suits your group.

Length & Rates
The length of a private Chimera® class is completely up to you! The longer a class is, the more the participants will get out of it, both in terms of physical techniques and also in terms of a solid understanding of an attacker's psychology-what makes them attack, and how can we derail them? The full curriculum is 12 hours long.

Chimera Self-Defense Rates
$150/hour ($150 minimum)
$100/hour ($100 minimum) for nonprofits & government agencies
$25 for 30-minute Q&A demonstration
*Please note that additional charges may apply outside Dane County, WI.

Private Space
Participants will need to be able to move around freely, and yell NO without alarming anyone. You are responsible for obtaining a space - if you cannot, please contact us and we may have some suggestions.