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More Information about Chimera
What is Chimera?
Chimera (ky.MERE.uh) is a self- defense program designed for the needs of women, which emphasizes avoidance and teaches awareness, assertiveness and physical protection skills. It borrows its name from the mythical beast, Chimera, whose name is associated with an imaginary fear. While fears of attack are far from imaginary, the fear that women are helpless to defend themselves is one which Chimera is dedicated to defeat. Chimera is taught by certified instructors who provide strong role models and ensure a safe space for the examination of experiences and feelings about sexual assault. They stress safety and confidentiality throughout all courses.

What does Chimera teach?
Chimera teaches women and girls that they have the right and ability to protect themselves. All techniques are easy to learn and use, and are designed to help the defender stop the attack and escape.
  • sexual assault myths and facts
  • the effectiveness of resistance
  • awareness skills
  • assertiveness skills
  • physical skills
  • defenses for harassment and assault by acquaintances and strangers
  • defenses for multiple attackers
  • advanced ground techniques
  • strategies for dealing with weapons
  • protection in and around cars

Who Will Benefit From Taking Chimera?
Chimera is beneficial to women of all cultures, ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities. Private classes can be adapted for specialized populations, including mother-daughter, LGBTQ, and elderly audiences. Graduates of Chimera, including survivors of sexual assault, often report feeling empowered, more assertive, and in better control of their lives after completion of Chimera Self-Defense.

What You Need To Know Before Coming To Class
Attendance: If you know that you are unable to attend any segment of a class, please register for another class. Please arrive 10 minutes early so that the course may begin on time.

Clothing: Please wear loose fitting clothing, in layers that allow free movement. You will be removing your shoes, stockings, and jewelry.

Classes are open only to registered participants. At no time are observers welcome to attend Chimera courses in progress.